Zeitlos überzeugend. Lotto Leggenda stellt die Sneaker der 70er und 80er-Jahre erneut und stolz vor. Eine Hommage an die Echtheit der Originale, angereichert mit einem neuen, sportlichen Kern und gekennzeichnet durch die modernen Details und den erlesenen Stil.


Accuracy, strategy, patience but also
endurance, strength and focus.
Tennis is a combination of many factors.
Lotto’s tribute translates into the iconic Autograph
and the legendary Signature,
both sneakers bring the Tennis allure off the court in everyday outfits.


Running is a way of living.
It is passion, effort, sweat and sometimes tears.
It is an attitude: never give up, always go forward, and
push yourself beyond your limits.

The running line takes inspiration from this sport and
its historic champion Orlando Pizzolato and offers men's sneakers
that combine a sporty bottom with details of Japanese culture.


Feminine taste meets sporty style in the running and 
tennis inspired Lotto Leggenda lines.
Combined with a casual sporty outfit or for a more elegant gathering,
every woman can find the shoe that represents her.
Exceed your limits with class and refinement,
find the perfect match, be your own Legend.