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Focus On

System designed for a more personalized fit.

Focus On

MEDICAL DEVICE CERTIFICATION 1: Medical Device with a Class 1 CE marking as laid down in Appendix IX to EC Directive 93/42.


EVA mix with medium air bubbles, ideal for runners with long ground contact who need great cushioning.


Long Last 40 High quality rubber inserted into in the heel zone to increase product life. The blown rubber inserted into the forefoot area gives high running performance.


ORTHOLITE®: HIGH BREATHABILITY: the polyurethane foam with Ortholite® open-cell structure, has a high breathability factor (95-100%) which allows greater circulation inside and outside the insole, thus keeping the feet cooler and drier.
ANTIMICROBIAL FUNCTION: the patented antimicrobial feature in all of the Ortholite® foams fights odours caused by fungi and bacteria.
HUMIDITY CONTROL: the unique Ortholite® open-cell structure creates a control system that drains moisture from the foot, creating a cooler, drier and healthier micro-environment.
LONGLASTING CUSHIONING: with a compression factor over time of just 5%, the shock absorbers and shape of the Ortholite® insole never deform, thus ensuring maximum comfort always.
LIGHT AND WASHABLE: the Ortholite® insoles retain their sensation of airy comfort also after washing.


Biomechanical Foot Control Elastomeric thermoplastic rubber insert to keep the foot on a neutral plane throughout heel-to-forefoot transfert, cushioning and distributing the impact uniformly.


Dual Density Double-density EVA insert in the medial area of the midsole, providing exceptional support.