We asked the best athleisure clothing experts to design a capsule wardrobe that would capture the lively mood of the ‘90s Lotto collections and to refashion it for the man and for the woman of today.

Thus Athletica is born, a capsule collection with an urban and contemporary soul that suits both sports people and fashion victims. Flocked and embroidered logos, creativity and classic cuts are combined with the most symbolic elements of our ‘90s era, such as the side jacquard stripe on the sleeves. Modern fabrics recall the brand's past, with a mix of outfits that look to the future keeping an eye on the origin: the colours are classic for sweatshirts, t-shirts, pants and shorts, from white to navy blue to flame red, with all-over script logos, frontal logos or simply the iconic losanga.

Explore Athletica and find the athleisure style that is perfect for you!

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