Ons Jabuer

When you’re known around the tour as the “Queen of hot shots”, regularly featured in the WTA highlights reels, it’s safe to assume that there’s really something special in your game.

Ons Jabeur belongs to the exclusive club of the most entertaining tennis talents of her generation, and when such an amazing shot-making ability is met with consistency and focus, the results begin to shine.

Jabeur enters 2022 season as WTA world’s number 10, with a best ranking of n°7 reached last November, and has no intention to slow down her quest to the elite of women’s tennis.

Watching Ons play is a treat: you never know what trick she could pull from any spot of the court. Smooth swings with her forehand, that can produce winners both cross court and down the line, a solid serve, and a two handed backhand that can instantly turn into a razor-sharp one handed slice, to mix up angles and pace, often wrongfooting the opponents.

Jabeur’s signature stroke is arguably the drop-shot: with an incredible control of the backspin, she can end the rally at any time, her “slice plus drop” combination being one of the absolute best around.

Add to the mix some great volleys, and the recipe to become a fan’s favourite is complete: can’t wait to root for Ons in the 2022 season!