Lotto presents OOH!, the tennis-inspired sneaker entirely produced with recycled materials: the first project of a broader sustainability journey that we have undertaken!
OOH! is also an exclamation of surprise and amazement raised by a product that looks to the future in a revolutionary way:
a sneaker manufactured with new types of sustainable materials, derived from cutting-edge recycling processes.
An Italian responsible innovation that doesn't give up style and comfort.

LOTTO OOH! is an absolute preview presented at Pitti Immagine Uomo in Florence from 9 to 12 January 2024 and will be available for sale in autumn-winter 2024.


The OOH! outsole is made by ReTurn, an innovative start-up operating in the circular economy in collaboration with the University of Padua and other research institutions. Using a patented Italian technology, ReTurn obtains powders and fragments of rubber and felt of any size from spent tennis and padel balls, collected through a recycling project developed together with FITP, the Italian Tennis and Padel Federation.

For every pair of sneakers, we recycle 1.5 tennis balls!

 The upper is made of an innovative material obtained by processing the organic waste of apples from the food industry. Approximately 1.5 apples for each pair of sneakers. The laces are made of recycled polyester and the insole is derived from the recovery of waste from other polyurethane foam insoles.

A tailor-made responsible packaging will also be developed for OOH!, both in terms of design, technical specifications and materials.

With this project, Lotto officially kicks off a sustainability journey, with the strategic support of ACBC, the leading Italian company in responsible B2B consultancy which will also support us in the publication of the Sustainability Manifesto in 2024. A declaration, in line with the ESG objectives outlined by the United Nations, that Lotto intends to achieve in the coming years.

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