The SS20 Capsule Collection exemplifies our elaborate imagination, and knowledge of history, both our’s and the collective. Here, we extract from the ‘90s what style and design meant.

We reimagined and enhanced some yesteryear models with accessible modern-day materials. Timeless styles are brought up to speed with a design that can deceive the best of fortune tellers.

The Collection’s primary colours are red, blue, white and black, while the fabrics employ a mix of cotton and polyester fabrics for a soft, cleaned-up-nice look. A refreshing line of apparel that sport our famed “double diamond” logo as a lateral stripe that spans the neckline down to the sleeve’s end, flat-knitted hips and wrists in polyester models, internal jersey neck tape used also as neckband in the k-way.

Together, this makes for a style that says, “Thought, in all that you do”.

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