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The HDry waterproof breathable membrane is directly laminated to the inner side of the upper sealing the material and all seams. HDry eliminates gaps, typical of footwear with waterproof lining, between upper and membrane where water can stagnate. The HDry membrane has very high and certified water vapor permeability rate. The absence of seam-sealing tape enables to exploit 100% membrane surface maximizing breathability. Three key advantages for the user: the weight of a wet shoe is significantly reduced because it does not become saturated and filled with water. As a result of less saturation, breathability is improved – again helping with keeping your feet dry. Boots take much less time to dry.

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AIR-ZONE is the exclusive Lotto Works technology that makes our shoes perfectly breathable! The specially designed openings on the sides of the sole and the system of internal tunnels allow the sweat to be expelled in the form of water vapor. This way the foot stays perfectly dry, protected and comfortable in every situation! The technology, made with a special structure with high shock-absorbing capacity, ensures a successful air recycling preventing water and dirt from getting in.


PerspAir® and Putek® technology uses yarns with very high abrasion resistance woven directly into the fabric to achieve high tenacity, ultra-high rubbing performance textiles. These highly durable and water-repellent fabrics allow for ultra-lightweight and ultra-breathable products.


The stabilizing arch is a control system for the torsion and flexion of the shoe that protects the foot from possible injuries and mechanical trauma. The technology therefore ensures maximum stability in any usage condition and surface, without compromising comfort and safety.


With 20% more passing laces than standard, feet are held snug and firm without being forced, eliminating the risk of pain or difficulty in movement, while increasing support and stability on all surfaces.


FLYcap, a light and effective protection made of composite material, is all about practicality and protection, given its compressive strength resistance of up to 200 Joule of transmitted energy. The ALcap aluminium toecap provides protection and lightness.


A special double layer fabric lining consisting of an inner part that attracts and absorbs sweat, and a more compact and durable outer part. A winning combination designed to create a durable, soft and breathable fabric perfect for knocking out sweat and unpleasant smells.


Lightweight, flexible pierce-resistant insole for an extra layer of protection. Thanks to the elasticity of its special fabric, it secures the entire foot without sacrificing use practicality, thus contributing to the well-being of the worker in highly challenging workplaces.


Rubber sole that provides high resistance to contact heat and abrasion. Its construction makes it perfect for work in contact with strong heat sources or for activities performed on the hottest summer days. Durable and withstands temperatures up to 300°C for 60 seconds.


By using composite materials there are no metal parts while maximum comfort and great freedom of movement are the upsides. Metal free shoes appeal to many categories of workers, especially those who work in metal detector controlled environments such as airports.


Highly resistant laces designed to offer maximum comfort and all-round safety. Perfect for a quick change in every occasion, they are of different colors to customize the shoe and not ever give up a touch of style in any work environment or in everyday life.


Special reinforcement with composite compound for exceptional shock and vibration absorption when the heel strikes the ground. It ensures great rear-foot and overall foot protection even for long periods. The heel is no longer a weak spot.


From the balance between polymeric components comes High Cushioning Technology, the innovative system that offers excellent energy return, maximum cushioning and long-lasting performance. To ensure an anti-fatigue effect after a long day of work.