We have received many reports about scam sites that illegally use the name or brand Lotto Sport Italia. Our company always checks the web in order to protect users from online scams, but our intervention is not always enough. That's why we have drawn up a list of information that can help you identify fake e-commerce sites and prevent unpleasant online shopping experiences.

Are contact details and payment information on the site clear?

Be wary of websites that don’t show a VAT number, phone number, address and a verified email address. You can find these details at the bottom of the homepage. Even generic contact forms should raise suspicion, as well as accepted payment methods: reliable online shops show all available payment methods, unlike scam sites, which often only accept credit card payments.

What do reviews say?

The web reputation is the new business card and it is very easy to verify: type on Google the name of the e-commerce + reviews or opinions and you will get as a result the feedback of other users who have already made purchases on the website. If you can’t find anything or if the feedback is bad, the chance to become a victim of a scam site is very high.

Are prices too low?

All Lotto Sport Italia products are made by the best footwear industry experts with high quality materials. If the prices are too low or the offers are too good to be true and far from the sales season, steer clear of it.

Is the site secured?

Check the address bar at the top left: a legitimate website has a closed padlock icon displayed before the URL, a sign that your data is safe. Whenever you're going to shop online, also make sure the address starts with https (not http), where the "s" stands for "secure" and indicates a safe connection. Unfortunately, some fake sites use the same protocol as legitimate websites, making it difficult to tell them apart.

Contact our customer service!

To conclude: the more careful you are, the more likely you will be able to spot and avoid these scams. As a final step, if you still have doubts about a website that has our products, you can contact the customer service of Lotto Sport Italia! We will inform you as soon as possible if you are on a legitimate website or not.